The multiple avenues of ministry that comprise Galilean Home Ministries, Inc. today really started with Jerry and Sandy Tucker having seven childless years at the beginning of their marriage. They decided, after much prayerful consideration, to adopt a medical-needs, three-and-a-half-month-old boy that needed a family in 1969. A move from Michigan to Kentucky, nearly 1,000 children and nearly 700 newborns later the Galilean Children’s Home, incorporated as Galilean Home Ministries in 1986, is now a 22-acre, multifaceted, donation-funded, multi-generational ministry that serves the local communities and even worldwide. Jerry and Sandy would eventually have two, miracle, biological children, Becky and Jessica (both of whom have felt called to stay involved,) and have adopted 30 more ranging in ages with some now in their 50s. “I don’t think God gave us time to think about it.” Sandy once said. “We took every child God sent us – one person’s pain is another person’s joy. We just get joy out of it!”

Over the decades, the expansion of the ministry came from the extraordinary vision of Sandy (affectionately dubbed Mom over the years.) At her direction a preK-12 Christian school, the Galilean Christian Academy was established in 1987, that not only provides an education for the residents, but also allows for an affordable Christian education for children from surrounding communities and beyond a boarding school option. GCA currently is home to 80-plus students.

In 1991 there arose a need for a baby, whose mother was headed to prison, to be taken in at The Home. Sandy and Jerry subsequently began what is now called Born Free Ministries where at any time there are eight to 12 newborns and toddlers (and sometimes more!) that take residence in our Angel House. The most we have had at one time was 25 under the age of two. We take partial custody of these “angels” while their mothers are incarcerated and take them to visit their moms on a weekly basis – the children are returned to the mothers/families at the end of their sentence. There have been over 700 to come through Born Free Ministries with more coming and going every month.

The heartbeat of the ministry is The Blessing House, where the severely handicapped are housed, these wonderful extensions of heaven will touch your soul at it’s core and that is why Sandy saw fit to put the word “blessing” in the name of their dorm. If you have never taken a tour of the facilities of The Home, you really must come and see what we are talking about. You haven’t really lived until you have seen the smiles of George, Lance and others or experienced a hug from Rosie and James.

Galilean Home Ministries really is a place for children of ALL ages to call HOME.

What began as a bookstore/coffee shop several years ago is now a 150-seat, home-style cooking restaurant right down the road named the Bread of Life Cafe’ that serves as a ministry to all who pass through its doors and it also provides employment for the community as well as those from the home who are able to work.
Because of the overwhelming generosity of supporters Sandy had the idea to put a thrift store in town called The Trading Post as another ministry of the Home to provide a “Goodwill”-type place for the excess donated goods to be sold at a discounted rate to those that need it.

In 2007, after a lengthy battle with cancer, Sandy passed away. Her final words to Jerry were to, “never quit.” and with the help of their eldest daughter Becky as co-administrator, Jerry continues the work that he and his wife, of 44 years, began. Her vision is kept alive by a dedicated staff of employees and volunteers paired with tireless supporters that allow Galilean Home Ministries to continue God’s calling. We encourage you to come by some time to see what the Lord is doing on our campus in rural Liberty, Ky.