Born Free

“Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners…” Hebrews 13:3a

Our Born Free Ministry consists of caring for infants born to women in prison. We currently serve the Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women located in Pewee Valley, Kentucky. The babies, born in Louisville area hospitals, normally arrive to our Angel House at two or three days old. Providing around the clock love and care, while attempting to provide the normal joys of childhood – we watch over these little “Angels.We also take them to visit their mothers on a weekly basis. These children are not available for adoption due to the nature of the Ministry’s mission – to keep children and families together. The children are returned to their mothers once released from prison.




The facility that houses the infants and toddlers involved in our Born Free Ministry is affectionately called the Angel House. It was built to accommodate up to 40 babies and toddlers at any given time. The Apostolic Christian World Relief constructed the beautiful building and the contents including toys, playground equipment as well as cribs and beds have been provided by grants and private donations.



For more information about Born Free you can call our Angel House Supervisor, Angie Carman  (w) 606.787.5120 or 606.787.8005