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    Providing children of ALL ages a place to call HOME since 1969.

    Updates Continue To Our Upcoming Boarding School Housing!

    Summer is always a busy time here at the Galilean. Between countless work groups and the numerous amounts of tours that come in and out of our campus everyday, it’s quite a blessing to see so many supporters pouring their time and energy into our ministry. Lately, we’ve had some very generous work teams come down to contribute to the renovation of our up and coming student housing for the Galilean Christian Academy. The teams have completely renovated what was once known as the “Butchie House” and have made it a total new space for us to bring in students from all around Kentucky and the rest of the US. We are so grateful for the progress and cannot wait until the day we get to utilize this building as a light unto the world. To read more about our Christian Academy, click here!

    Our 30th Annual Quilt & Craft Auction is October 11 & 12, 2019!
    This is our biggest fundraising event of the year with over 300 quilts and crafts up for bid along with hundreds of buy-now items. We kick off Friday night, October 11, at 4:30PM with a spaghetti supper in the main house. There will be a program by our Galilean Family at 6:30PM in the gym followed by our craft auction. Saturday morning, October 12, there is a pancake breakfast in the main house at 7AM. The Quilt Auction begins in the gym at 10AM.
    There will be lunch available just outside the gym as well as concessions, baked items and more available throughout the day Saturday. There will be campus tour schedules posted. All times are eastern.

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    “But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” Matthew 19:14 (KJV)

    The Galilean Home is a non-profit, donation-funded ministry located in Liberty, Kentucky providing children of ALL ages a place to call HOME.

    The mission is to serve by caring for children and young adults, all having their own special need of our care. Founded by Jerry and Sandy Tucker, their Calling began with a love for children and family soon turned into ministry. As the need arose, the once small log cabin, expanded to what it is today. A vast complex of different dormitories, a school, care facilities, storehouses, and maintenance buildings spread over 20 acres. The Galilean Home takes ZERO state or federal funding, relying solely on donations from individuals or groups like you. Grants from various foundations and fundraisers are another source of support.

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    Mailing Address:
    PO BOX 880
    Liberty, Ky. 42539

    Physical/Shipping Address:
    712 South Fork Church Road
    Liberty, Ky. 42539

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    Debbie Jones

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    Galilean Home Ministries is a non-profit, mission oriented organization, functioning in a collaborative community environment, with one purpose in mind: Helping those that need help; loving those that need love. Without knowing the love and security of a family, their faith and confidence have been shattered. We will, with honesty, integrity, and great privilege, provide children of all ages, from one day old to “children in their 50’s and beyond”, with love, care, medical attention, education, employment, and recreation. We do this in a family-oriented setting, making all who come under our care feel as though they belong to something bigger than themselves. We emphasize that all members of our organization work together to accomplish our common goals. We feel that, through sharing each other’s knowledge, skills, and abilities, all will benefit and flourish.