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    Providing children of ALL ages a place to call HOME since 1969.

    Join our “Heart for the Home” campaign by hosting a fundraiser for us!

    Due to unforeseen circumstances we’ve had to cancel our biggest fundraiser.

    The Quilt Auction, for as long as it has been in existence, has been the Galilean Home’s largest fundraiser every year. Due to the pandemic we had to cancel it this year to ensure the safety of our residents. With that being said, the reality is the decision to cancel this year’s quilt auction also brings about a strenuous financial burden. The funds raised would usually go to support every facet of life for those supported by the Galilean Home – including food (and lots of it), electric, water, and gas bills, imperative renovations, hospital expenses, staff salaries, and so much more!


    This year, we are asking for your help. Through the month of November, we are partnering with churches, organizations, businesses, and individuals to raise funds to support the every day expenses of the Galilean Home Ministries. More than ever, we are putting this task in your hands in an effort to build on the strengths of each group or individual.

    How do you get started?

    If you are a church, business, organization, or individual:

    • Designate the leader or committee that will be in charge of organizing your fundraiser.
    • Select a fundraiser from the idea list or choose an event that best suits your group/community.
    • Contact Jennifer@galileanhome.org to submit the information about your entity’s fundraiser by October 30th- but of course we are happy to accept participants after that date!
    • OR if you don’t have time to coordinate a fundraiser, you can make a personal donation by clicking right here!

    Ideas for inspiration:

    Birthday Donation: If your birthday is in the month of November, consider texting your friends the donation link and/or promoting it on Facebook. They can make a donation in lieu of gifts.

    Host a Virtual 5K: Determine race details such as the date and time and entrance fee. Make it fun by picking a theme such as “Turkey Trot 5K”.For a detailed “how to” list email Jennifer Coffey: jennifer@galileanhome.org

    10,000 Steps Challenge: Participants commit to walking 10,000 steps a day for the month of November.Participants recruit friends and family to sponsor them by committing to a certain amount of money per day walked.

    Read-A-Thon: Students read in exchange for pledges or donations to the campaign. Friends and family are asked to donate money, either based on a flat donation or the number of minutes or pages read the month of November.

    Text-A-Thon: Participants commit to texting a certain amount of people, explaining to them their heart for the Galilean Home and the goal of the Heart for the Home campaign. They can also text the link for them to donate directly. We can provide a message for them to text if needed.

    T-shirt Campaign: We have created an awesome t-shirt which will make it easy for you to pre-sale t-shirts to your friends and family. Once the orders and money are collected, you will place the order. A percentage of the sale will come directly to us! For a detailed “how to” list email Jennifer Coffey: jennifer@galileanhome.org

    Host a “Friendsgiving” Benefit Dinner For a detailed “how to” list email Jennifer Coffey: jennifer@galileanhome.org

    Host a cooking class via zoom: Find someone who loves to cook and would love to teach others how to make a specialty dish. For a detailed “how to” list email Jennifer Coffey: jennifer@galileanhome.org

    Online Closet Sale/Yard Sale: A closet clean-out may be just what you need before the holidays hit and what better way to support our fundraising campaign? For a full “how to” list email Jennifer Coffey: jennifer@galileanhome.org

    Find a Match: A matching gift is a charitable donation by a corporation that matches an employee’s (or person’s) donation, most often dollar for dollar. Don’t be afraid to ask because you may be surprised to find out that your employer offers this!

    Business Owners donate a % of month sales: If you own your own business or have an at home business , commit to donating a certain percentage of all sales in the month of November to the Heart for the Home campaign. Support your efforts by promoting your offer via social media, email, etc.

    Social Media Influencer: You or someone you know may be an influencer on social media. If so, they can use their platform to bring awareness to the Galilean Home during the month of November as well as ask for donations for the campaign by telling our story and sharing our donation page/link.

    As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Because of our faith in what God can do, we have set our goal for $100,000! We believe our God is capable and we look forward to seeing what HE will do through YOU by showing us YOUR heart for the home.

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  • About

    “But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” Matthew 19:14 (KJV)

    The Galilean Home is a non-profit, donation-funded ministry located in Liberty, Kentucky providing children of ALL ages a place to call HOME.

    The mission is to serve by caring for children and young adults, all having their own special need of our care. Founded by Jerry and Sandy Tucker, their Calling began with a love for children and family soon turned into ministry. As the need arose, the once small log cabin, expanded to what it is today. A vast complex of different dormitories, a school, care facilities, storehouses, and maintenance buildings spread over 20 acres. The Galilean Home takes ZERO state or federal funding, relying solely on donations from individuals or groups like you. Grants from various foundations and fundraisers are another source of support.

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    Mailing Address:
    PO BOX 880
    Liberty, Ky. 42539

    Physical/Shipping Address:
    712 South Fork Church Road
    Liberty, Ky. 42539

    Phone Numbers:

    Fax Number:

    Click here to contact us via email

    Media Contact:
    Debbie Jones

  • Mission

    Galilean Home Ministries is a non-profit, mission oriented organization, functioning in a collaborative community environment, with one purpose in mind: Helping those that need help; loving those that need love. Without knowing the love and security of a family, their faith and confidence have been shattered. We will, with honesty, integrity, and great privilege, provide children of all ages, from one day old to “children in their 50’s and beyond”, with love, care, medical attention, education, employment, and recreation. We do this in a family-oriented setting, making all who come under our care feel as though they belong to something bigger than themselves. We emphasize that all members of our organization work together to accomplish our common goals. We feel that, through sharing each other’s knowledge, skills, and abilities, all will benefit and flourish.